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PSR Style Database / Midi Database
Free download of current version

"PSR Style Database/Midi Database V4.6"   Version 4.6    (Size: 1 MB)

runs on Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT 4.0, Windows ME, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10.


Important note when upgrading from version 3.x

Files used for importing data with the "Import Style Data/Import Midi Data" function are not compatible between version 3.x and 4.x. If they have been created with the "Export Style Data" function (e.g. for backup purpose) they have to be recreated with the current program version.

If import files have been created manually, without using my program (I assume that only very few people have done this, as this is an undocumented feature), you can contact me for additional hints to convert them to the new version before upgrading.


Previous versions

"PSR Style Database/Midi Database V4.5"   Version 4.5    (Size: 1 MB)

"PSR Style Database/Midi Database V4.4"   Version 4.4    (Size: 1MB)

"PSR Style Database/Midi Database V4.3.1"   Version 4.3.1    (Size: 857 KB)

"PSR Style Database/Midi Database V4.2"   Version 4.2    (Size: 857 KB)

"PSR Style Database/Midi Database V4.1"   Version 4.1    (Size: 857 KB)

"PSR Style Database/Midi Database V4.0.2"   Version 4.0.2    (Size: 844 KB)

"PSR Style Database/Midi Database V4.0.1"   Version 4.0.1    (Size: 844 KB)

"PSR Style Database/Midi Database V4.0"   Version 4.0    (Size: 844 KB)


Free download of additional data files

Currently there are no new additional data files.

The former data files are now included in the program distribution.
See description of the "Import Default Data" command.


Beta Testing

If you are interested in joining beta testing this program, just send me an email.
Due to my limited spare time you can expect that new versions are not released too frequently.



21.04.2015      V 4.6

  • Added support for style files *.fps
  • Added new column "Score Channel" (for midi files only).
  • Fixed a problem: Program should not terminate scanning in case of unicode filenames.
  • When the program starts the window is no more placed in the upper left corner.
  • Changed setting pages of external programs for more flexibility.
  • Fixed a problem: Setting for sort order was not stored correctly (for midi files only).
  • Fixed installation problems, when the program is installed by a user having no administrator privileges.
  • Increased internal midi data collector version -> 14
20.10.2013      V 4.5
  • New resizable "Browse for folder" dialog.
  • Fixed a problem: Only 19 out of 20 columns are possible when printing lists.
  • Fixed a problem: Program should not terminate scanning in case of unicode filenames.
20.02.2013      V 4.4
  • The program can now support other languages. English and German versions are available.
  • Extended information about style/midi files via context menu (right mouse button click).
15.04.2010      V 4.3.1
  • Fixed a bug: Empty dialog when starting program on Windows 7.
01.04.2010      V 4.3
  • Better support for Windows Vista and Windows 7
  • Added new columns "SFF", "VH Channel".
  • Browse dialog windows are now resizeable.
  • Function "Write list to RTF file" now allows selection of columns to be written.
  • Quick copy function "Copy to A:" can now be configured to use other drives. See Edit\Settings\Miscellaneous.
  • The sort order of the list is now configurable to match the sort order of the different keyboards. (Not yet finished for PSR9000)
  • New help file format
  • Fixed a problem: Problem with rename function in case of multiple selected files.
  • Fixed a problem: Autoresizing the column "Nr" did not work correctly.
28.01.2008      V 4.2
  • Midi Database now also uses the better selection method for function "Select all except one of each".
15.12.2007      V 4.1
  • Filter conditions can now be defined using logical operators (AND, OR, NOT) and parenthesis.
  • Default column sort order can be stored together with default columns (see "Select Display Columns" dialog).
  • New function (only for Styles): "Add Song from Filename" (see description for "Modify Style Data" in the help file).
  • Enhanced error checking for style/midi files.
  • Added some more description to filter dialog help.
11.03.2007      V 4.0.2
  • Fixed a problem: For a number of valid style files an error is signaled in the "error" column (only StyleDatabase).
  • Fixed a problem: Some folders containing styles/midis may be locked while the program is running. Means, they can not be renamed or moved outside of the program, while the program is running.
18.01.2007      V 4.0.1
  • Fixed a problem with inaccessible folders/files when scanning whole drives. In case of NTFS drives some windows system directories may not be accessible. This aborts the scanning process with error -207.
12.12.2006      V 4.0
  • New function: "Write MDB Records to Style Files".
  • New functions: "Go to line nr", "Go to next selected line", "Go to previous selected line".
  • New function: "Import Default Data".
  • New function: "Hard Refresh List".
  • Added support for "Related Scores".
  • OTS column now shows also the number of OTS records.
  • MBD column now shows also the number of MDB records.
  • Drop-down-boxes in dialogs are now filled with text according to column.
  • Width of drop-down-boxes is automatically adjusted for longer strings.
  • Export Style Data to CSV: Columns to be exported are now selectable.
  • Program functions can be assigned to function keys.
  • Background color of displayed list changes if a filter condition is active.
  • Copy file to same directory is now supported.
  • Improved detection algorithm for style genres.
  • Fixed a problem: Sorting of German "Umlaute" was always case-sensitive.
  • Fixed a problem when copying files with same name but different extensions.
  • Fixed a problem with secondary sort order when moving files.
  • Fixed a problem with the CRC32 calculation.
10.01.2006      V 3.4.1
  • Better check if the default folder is really a folder.
  • During program startup the default folder will be checked, if it is accessible (e.g. the folder may be on a floppy disc).
  • In case of a scanning problem the program does no more terminate.
  • Fixed a bug: "Select Display Columns" dialog does not show the correct columns in song mode.
  • Fixed a bug: Filtering/Searching did not work for german "Umlaute".
  • Fixed the "error -203" problem, which occurred on a few systems when scanning the whole drive C:\.
    (I still do not recommend it, as scanning through all the Windows system directories wastes a lot of time. But it should work at least.)
02.08.2005      V 3.4
  • Columns can now be rearranged using drag-and-drop.
  • Filtering/Searching now also possible for numbers and date.
  • Better support for operating the program without a mouse.
  • New song records are initialized with default values from the style.
  • Fixed some minor user interface issues.
03.12.2004      V 3.3.1
  • Fixed the "Folder Does Not Exist" problem, which occurred on a few systems.
20.11.2004      V 3.3
  • Added support for writing list into RTF file.
  • Added faster processing capability for CD-ROMs ("Create Fast Access Data").
  • Added "CD-ROM Compatibility Test" function in the "Advanced" menu.
  • Added context menu (right mouse button click) to list view.
  • Added left mouse button double-click function to list view.
  • Better handling of write-protected data files.
  • Added support for renaming style files on copying to A:.
  • Added support for uppercase file names on copying to A:.
  • Added support for changing the font size of the main list.
  • Added support for automatically changing illegal file dates (dates pointing into the future).
  • Added support for new keyboards PSR-1100/2100 PSR-1100/2100, PSR-1500/3000, CVP-205, CVP-203 and PSR-640/540 (only for MidiDatabase).
  • Sorting columns now preserves selection/highlighting of lines.
  • Added support for external dump program.
  • Added support for second player and second editor.
  • Fixed a bug of the "Refresh List" function. (In rare cases the list was not updated.)
  • Fixed a bug of the "Rename" function. (Failing rename action not handled correctly.)
14.03.2004      V 3.2
  • Added support for writing list into RTF file.
  • Added support for duplicates.
  • Added support for deleting styles (which means moving to a trash folder).
  • Added new menu entry: External CASM editor (only for StyleDatabase).
  • Added new settings dialog.
  • Improved description and help.
  • Improved import function.
  • Browse-for-folder dialog is now modal.
  • Better handling in case of maximum number of files in root directory of floppy is exceeded.
30.12.2003      V 3.1.2
  • Fix of bug in V 3.1 (Program terminates if there is not enough space to store data on the floppy).
14.08.2003      V 3.1.1
  • Fix of bug in V 3.1 (some columns contain wrong data).
22.07.2003      V 3.1
  • Added support for unexpected zero bytes between style file sections (only for StyleDatabase).
  • Reduced usage of RAM.
  • Program does no more exit in case of error during importing data file.
  • Added new setting: Default for "Include Subdirectories" checkbox.
  • Added new setting: External CASM editor (only for StyleDatabase).
  • Added new setting: External karaoke player (only for MidiDatabase).
  • Added keyboard detection for PSR-740 and PSR-9000 (only for MidiDatabase).
  • Fixed again a bug in handling read protected directories under Windows XP.
  • Increased internal style analyser version -> 6
17.03.2003      V 3.0
  • Added support for songs assigned to style files.
  • Added support for music finder records found in style files.
  • Added support for new style files *.prs and *.bcs
  • Added extended sort function for list view.
  • Added quick filter function.
  • StyleDatabase: Added new column "Type".
  • MidiDatabase: Added new columns "Keyboard", "Performer", "Style used" and "Date uploaded".
  • MidiDatabase: Added detection of keyboards and styles used for recording the midi file (only some of the new Yamaha keyboards are detected).
  • Added storing of default column width.
  • Added additional checks for input data.
  • Fixed minor bug when accessing read protected directories (will be skipped now).
  • Increased internal style analyser version -> 5
  • Increased internal style data file version -> 4
20.09.2002      V 2.0
  • Extension of the PSRStyleDatabase program to support midi files. The program can now be started in "style mode" (default) and "midi mode".
  • Added print support.
  • Added rename file command.
  • Added file count down in status bar during copy/move action.
  • Sort order is now preserved during copy/move, filter and directory change actions.
  • Fixed minor bug when determining tempo (Tempo is now rounded correctly).
  • Fixed minor bug in handling read-only files during copy/move action when "replace all" has been selected.
  • Increased internal style analyser version -> 4
04.06.2002      V 1.0
    First released version
14.05.2002      V 1.0 Beta 3
  • Added new columns "Date", "Timebase".
  • Added support for read-only devices (e.g. CDROM).
  • Added drag-and-drop support to be used with style player and style editor.
  • Added support for external style editor.
  • Added support for modified style files (file date checking).
  • Added "Refresh List" function.
  • Added "Export CSV File" function.
  • Fixed bug concerning empty directories.
  • Various cleanups.
  • Increased internal style analyser version -> 3
  • Increased internal style data file version -> 3
18.04.2002      V 1.0 Beta 2
  • Added new columns "Variations", "CASM", "OTS", "MDB" and "Errors".
  • Added support for multiple floppy disks during copy/move.
  • Added support for default start path for browsing.
  • Minor updates to the style analyser data file (e.g. 60th are now named 60s).
  • Fixed minor bug in style analyser (Certainty >= 100 not handled correctly).
  • Fixed minor bug in filter string ("Style Name" was missing).
  • Increased internal style analyser version -> 2
  • Increased internal style data file version -> 2
07.04.2002      V 1.0 Beta 1
    First public version

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